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No recipe today. The last few days I have been seized with an odd bi-annual cleaning frenzy. I am going through clothes and unpacked boxes, photos and all the random self replicating debris you seem to accumulate just by existing, and I am eliminating. Clearing the junk I don't use or need. As I was sorting through a basket of odds and ends I found my old point and shoot that had crapped out on my last trip family road trip. Hidden in this little contraption were forgotten photographs of my trip to San Francisco. Photos are not my memories, rather they are funny little scraps, bits and bobs taken from my daily life to be shoved in a draw sometimes remembered, mostly forgotten. These photos will have very little relevance to anyone out there who stumbles across this post but the longer I am decaying in Sydney the more I crave other cities like San Francisco.

These photos are funny little tokens and artefacts from my trip. Not memories exactly. My memories are much more simple. They are the hours spent walking along Fishermans Wharf, starring out to Alcatraz muching on piping hot cinnamon churros and batting away the ravenous seagulls. They are the chill of the air despite the heat of the sun and the rolling fog. They are the garish patterns of the roadside scarves we bought. My memories are the hours at musse Mecanique playing on ancient arcade games for 25cents each. To warm us up from ths inside we ate chowder out of sourdough bread bowls discovering a mild shellfish allergy. We shopped until our legs buckled and gorged ourselves on In-n-Out burgers.  We climbed hills after hills just to look at the iconioc row of houses and bought too many cheeses and pastries.

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